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Tired of scams and frauds?

Join a reliable professional sports bettor and make money investing in sports.

Selections are sent Fridays at 5.30 p.m GMT

Stop gambling - Start investing.

  • It's all about the value.

    A common mistake among bettors is to bet based on feelings, emotions and guesses.
    They bet for the huge favourites to win. They bet for their favourite team. They bet for the team they think will most likely win without understanding the concept of value.
    The only real key to success in the betting world lies in understanding what value is and how to find it.

    Odds traditionally represent the probability of an event happening, and that's what we're working with when we determine whether a bet contains value or not. For a selection to be called a value bet the probability of the selection winning must be greater than what the odds indicate.

    As simple as it may sound, actually finding profitable value bets is not an en easy task.
    Thanks to years of work, research and testing I have found what seems to be an edge over the bookmakers. Using this I am able to provide you, and myself, with bets resulting in a long-term profit.

    Want to read more about it? Just click the 'about' tab.

    Want to check out the results achieved by me using this method? Hit 'results'.

    Got any questions about the service in general? Head over to the 'faq' or just contact me directly.

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