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It's all about the value

A common mistake among bettors is to bet based on feelings, emotions and guesses. They bet for the huge favourites to win. They bet for their favourite team. They bet for the team they think will most likely win without understanding the concept of value. The only real key to success in the betting world lies in understanding what value is and how to find it.

Odds traditionally represent the probability of an event happening, and that's what we're working with when we determine whether a bet contains value or not. For a selection to be called a value bet the probability of the selection winning must be greater than what the odds indicate.

As simple as it may sound, actually finding profitable value bets is not an en easy task. Thanks to years of work, research and testing I have found what seems to be an edge over the bookmakers. Using this I am able to provide you, and myself, with bets resulting in a long-term profit.

What makes it different?

Easy to follow

All bets are sent at 5.30pm UK time every Friday for weekend rounds. The markets of the highest level European football leagues are big and following the service with higher stakes or despite being restricted by smaller bookies is not a problem.

Long term profits

Since the launch of the service, subscribers have seen a steady growth of their bankrolls. I take an investment approach to betting and would never chase losses or force bets when the value isn't there.


My members subscription rate is as low as €22.10/month when buying a full season (August-May) package. When purchasing this everything is included, which means that you will recieve all picks from Serie A and La Liga for the rest of the season.

Verified results

All of the picks are being verified in advance by the highly reputable Secret Betting Club, an independent and honest reviewer and assessor of tipster services, systems and strategies.

Take a look at the results

All of these selections are since 2010 proofed in advance to Bettingadvice and The Secret Betting Club. The loss/profit shown is achieved by using flat/level stakes of 100.

Bets Profit Yield
789 15072 19%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 3 -300 -100%
September 7 757 108%
October 8 -352 -44%
November 5 131 26%
December 3 -11 -4%
January 10 554 55%
February 5 305 61%
March 3 328 109%
April 6 97 16%
May 2 -200 -100%
Total 52 1309 25%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 3 -107 -36%
September 7 -28 -4%
October 9 372 41%
November 4 -400 -100%
December 7 -132 -19%
January 9 158 18%
February 7 -172 -25%
March 8 156 20%
April 6 373 62%
May 5 -500 -100%
Total 65 -180 -4%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 2 410 205%
September 6 91 15%
October 6 310 52%
November 6 -76 -13%
December 7 448 64%
January 5 -4 -1%
February 6 -173 -28%
March 15 218 15%
April 5 381 76%
May 1 324 224%
Total 59 1935 34%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 3 140 47%
September 8 159 20%
October 6 62 10%
November 5 -73 -15%
December 7 132 19%
January 7 188 27%
February 6 273 46%
March 5 -96 -19%
April 7 -260 -37%
May 2 210 105%
Total 56 735 13%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 1 -100 -100%
September 9 715 79%
October 14 158 11%
November 7 -267 -38%
December 6 -190 -32%
January 8 30 3%
February 8 303 37%
March 7 22 3%
April 9 273 30%
May 2 20 10%
Total 71 911 13%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 3 -300 -100%
September 13 132 10%
October 13 585 46%
November 11 88 8%
December 10 639 64%
January 18 -62 -3%
February 17 56 3%
March 7 22 3%
April 8 -370 -44%
May 1 -100 -100%
Total 104 927 9%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 6 112 13%
September 11 433 39%
October 15 1287 85%
November 14 389 27%
December 11 328 29%
January 22 664 30%
February 16 443 27%
March 22 406 18%
April 15 347 24%
May 2 59 29%
Total 134 4494 33%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 5 -257 -51%
September 14 99 7%
October 14 683 48%
November 10 580 58%
December 13 709 54%
January 8 741 92%
February 10 -224 -48%
March 16 -534 -44%
April 12 393 32%
May 17 256 15%
Total 119 2446 20%
Month Bets Profit Yield
August 3 -300 -100%
September 20 297 14%
October 15 -11 -1%
November 11 -40 -4%
December 15 175 11%
January 8 583 72%
February 17 105 6%
March 16 1073 67%
April 10 492 49%
May 14 121 8%
Total 129 2495 19%

Frequently asked questions

My name is Mike. I'm a football (soccer) advisor who mainly covers the Italian and Spanish leagues. I have had great success in these leagues over the past years and I have now decided to share my knowledge to help others achieve the same results as I do.
Basically bets in these leagues have shown the best results over the past years. I have specialised my knowledge to get an edge over the bookmakers in these leagues. I have a big passion for the English Premier League but in my experience the odds of the bookmakers are harder to take an advantage of there, and after all it's the money that we're going for.
I am using level stakes so there will be no staking plan. I feel that this is the most honest way to stake when providing picks for others. In other words this means that I will be staking the same amount for every bet. I recommend you use not more than 2% of your bank for each bet. In the results displayed on the site, the profit will be based on using level stakes of £/€ 100.
A majority of the bets will be straight forward 1X2 bets with an odds above 2 as I do not like playing low priced favourites. I'm constantly looking for value though so if anything else comes up I don't hesitate to take the chance. Once again it's the value that I'm going for.
The picks will be sent out by e-mail at least day in advance. Many of the games are played in the weekend which results in that you will recieve the mail Friday at 5.30 pm UK time. The same applies to all other days of the week in case of that there is a selection. The odds on these markets do mostly not drop right away so you will have time to place your bets even if you do not read the mail right away.
I only play bets where I find clear value, as I would never want any subscribers to gamble with his or her money, and the same of course goes for my own money, as I personally play all my selections. Last years the betting market has become tougher, mainly due to the bookmakers becoming sharper, and spotting many value bets isn't as easy as in the past. A refrained bet is always better than a bad one, so you can always be sure that anything you receive from me is thoroughly researched, and I'll never be throwing out bets just to increase the amount.
However, when betting, having a good amount of bets is important when it comes to increasing the return on capital, as long as the bets are of high quality. I'm therefore currently testing new profitable methods to improve the profitability of the service.
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"We have proofed all of Football Value's tips since August 2010 and have been mightily impressed by the long-term profits made for those following them in. Supremely easy to follow and with a great record of profitability over several seasons, it is a service that will reward those looking for a true football expert to guide them"

Pete, SBC


Personally I don't think it's acceptable to charge thousands of euros when running a betting advisor service. The services that charge these amounts of money have not given any consideration to that most people that bet online simply do not have bankrolls that would justify subscribing to such a service. Therefore I have decided to set the subscription rates well below average in the business, making it possible for punters with relatively small bank rolls to join.

If you would like to purchase packages of only 3 months or perhaps 1 month to try the service out I offer short term packages as options, though I personally always want to promote the long term approach to betting. My picks have losing streaks and winning streaks and generally the value of the picks can not be judged with a short term approach.

Now accepting subscribers for the 2016/2017 season!

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